Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introducing the Alexander Technique

  • 2

    Exploring Movements With The Alexander Technique

    • Exploring Sitting

    • Exploring Standing

    • Exploring the Arms

    • Exploring the Legs

    • Moving in and out of a chair

    • Exploring Lifting

  • 3

    Applying The Alexander Technique To Your Life

    • Daily Life

    • Exercise

    • Sport

    • Music

  • 4

    Continue Learning

    • How To Keep Learning

    • Constructive Rest

    • Making Alexander Technique fit your life

    • Recommended Reading

    • Bonus Lecture


  • Who is the course taught by?

    The course is taught by Pete Robinson mSTAT. Pete is an experienced, qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique who teaches privately, in Universities and colleges and within industry and also helps to train the next generation of Alexander Technique teachers. Pete is also a professional musician.

  • Is the course good value for money?

    Yes! The lectures and practical lessons in this course cover much of the information that you would receive from a lengthy course of lessons or a series of workshops. You are also able to rewatch and work through the material over and over at your own speed which allows you to get the most out of the material. The cost of the course is much less than the cost of a single 1-1 lesson.

  • Does this course replace private lessons?

    This course can bring many of the benefits of private lessons but you should definitely try to work 1-1 with a teacher if possible as the hands-on contact is such a powerful learning tool. This course works especially well alongside individual or group lessons as you will understand the technique in much more depth which helps you to benefit from the hands-on work.

  • Who is the course for?

    The course is designed for anyone who is completely new to the Alexander Technique but also those that have some experience of the technique and would like to deepen their understanding and work through practical sessions at home. The lessons are suitable for most ages and levels of physical mobility.